Primary English Cambridge Learner’s Book 5

Primary English Cambridge Learner’s Book 5

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Cambridge Global English offers an enquiry-based, language-rich approach to learning English with an international focus. Specifically developed to provide comprehensive support for young learners of ESL worldwide, the topics covered reflect diversity and help learners communicate in English. The material engages children as active, creative learners with opportunities to participate in a wide variety of curriculum-based activities to acquire content knowledge, develop critical thinking skills and practise English language and literacy. The materials incorporate a 'learning to learn' approach and learners can acquire skills and strategies to help them approach new learning situations with confidence. Emphasis is placed on developing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills as well as vocabulary development and language awareness. Learners are exposed to a range of vocabulary with opportunities for using language in personalised, meaningful ways and developing the language skills they will need to access classroom materials in English across school curricula.

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